HKTRL Rules for season 2017/18


The number of runners in each team is 6 of any gender.


Team members can run in as many races as they wish but only the top 6 point scoring races will be included for their team points total.


For the Ultra League these 6 races need to include three races of at least 42km distance. The remaining races are the runners’ choice.  

For the Trail League, all 6 races are the runners’ choice


Like the 2016/17 Season, all scores are now based on the time relative to the fastest time by a HKTRL runner of the same gender in that race. This methodology allows us to award points to all runners who complete each race. To encourage all runners to be their best we also award bonus points to the top 5 times in each race for male and female – the bonus points are;


1st Place - 10 points

2nd Place - 8 points

3rd Place 6 points

4th Place - 4 points

5th Place - 2 points


Each team is allowed one substitute per season for any reason.  For point scoring purposes, the results of the substituted runner and the substitute will be combined and treated as if one team runner and the best 6 races will be used.  If a team has already used their one sub, and gets another injury, then the team is reduced down to five runners and so on. 


Race Selection

HKTRL will keep last season races for 2017/18. To see the list of races scheduled, please go here.

Race Volunteering

In order to promote more participation within the racing community, HKTRL will setup a reward scheme based on last year feedback for team members who volunteered (to be announced later during the season).  

It will be the responsibility of the Race Team Captain, when submitting race results, to indicate if a team member volunteered on a race and is eligible for points. HKTRL may randomly ask racers to prove that they volunteered. Therefore we strongly advise that all volunteers take a photo of themselves on the race at some point during the day or night.

The races eligible for volunteer points are; any predominantly Trail Race in Hong Kong taking place between September 1st 2017 to May 1st 2018. A race does not need to be on the HKTRL race list.